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Custom and stock and Heavy Duty torque converters

All of SMI’s Custom and stock torque converters are manufactured in-house:
  • One off torque converters built specifically to your vehicles factory specs
  • Street strip to full race torque converters
  • Extreme duty torque converts for diesel applications
SMI’s full race torque converters are:
  • Furnace brazed and tig welded
  • We only use high performance bearings
  • Mechanical Diode Sprag
  • Aluminum or steel stator
  • Billet base and anti-balloon plated
We Warranty our Torque Converters:
  • Stock: 1 year – 12,000 miles
  • Custom: Workmanship & Material

Call for a quote:  Toll Free: 800-242-8727  Local: 916-381-4700

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